Summary in English

Lahti City Theatre as a municipal theatre was established in 1950. After several decades of operating in various temporary premises, a proper theatre building was completed in 1983.

Lahti City Theatre is one of the biggest professional theatres in Finland, both in size and the number of spectators per year. It is one of the main attractions of the city, bringing audiences from all over the Southern Finland to Lahti.

The theatre´s annual budget consists of state and municipal aids, ticket revenues and other own income.

Lahti City Theatre employs a permanent artistic staff of twenty actors, two directors, two scenographers, conductor, musician and a dramaturge. Together with administrative and technical staff the total personnel is
approximately 95.

Guest directors, designers, performers, musicians etc. included, the total full-time equivalent person years in 2018 was 122.

The theatre operates on three stages that are named after famous characters in Finnish national literature:

  • Juhani – main stage: max. 653 spectator seats
  • Eero – small stage: max. 217 spectator seats
  • Aino – studio stage: 81 spectator seats

Lahti City Theatre is a repertory theatre with a purpose of providing the audiences with artistically high-class productions for all ages.
The repertory consists of musicals, both Finnish and foreign classic and modern drama and children’s plays.

The number of own new productions per year is 6-9. The theatre arranges annually a varying number of guest performances on main stage and small stage.

The total number of audiences per year is appr. 80.000.